Growing Flowers

One of the best parts of banding can also be one of the toughest.

Each rehearsal, we meet up with nearly 30 friends to make music, work hard and have fun. The level of commitment required at the top level of banding is extremely demanding, especially when you take into account this is an amateur pursuit and members have to manage their full-time jobs, family life and other hobbies.

Like any band we occasionally have to say a sad goodbye to players for a variety of reasons; as always they leave us with heartfelt thanks for their personal contribution to the Flowers story to date. After extensive searching and enquiries with players from all over the UK, we are pleased to announce a flurry of new signing into the Flowers family:

Kayleigh Mitchell (Solo Cornet)

Luke Barker (Solo Cornet)

Jessica Scott (Back Row Cornet)

Jasper Dommett (2nd Baritone)

Bethany Peck (2nd Trombone)

Jamie Nuss (Percussion)

Coco Chan (Percussion)

Craig Sanders (Percussion)

Nabil El Bark (Percussion)

“Flowers are going through a period of rapid change at the moment in the pursuit and desire to produce high class musical performances on the concert and contest platform. Naturally this brings the inevitable movement of players to and from the organisation, and some within the organisation. I am personally thankful to all those who have recently moved on but equally thankful to have secured many talented and ambitious new players into the Flowers family. After a short summer break we will look forward to working hard and giving our new players their first taste of the British Open.” - MD Paul Holland.

Flowers Band